Connect TeamGram to your Gmail Inbox

We are happy to announce a brand new feature that will allow you to access TeamGram from your Gmail inbox!

Our new Gmail Add-on enables you to:

  • Quickly create new notes from your emails.
  • Find your contacts and deals in TeamGram without leaving your inbox.
  • Make faster decisions by following up on your leads and accessing deal details.

Simply install TeamGram’s Gmail Add-on and start searching and sharing in your CRM without leaving your inbox.

Seamless CRM Experience in Gmail

Search your CRM for an email’s contact details and access important CRM details without leaving your inbox.

  • Find your contacts and deals in TeamGram while you are in your Gmail inbox.
  • Access TeamGram details with a single click.

How? Open an email in your Gmail inbox and use the TeamGram Add-on to search and display leads, contacts, companies, or related deals.

Lightning Fast Sharing

  • Convert emails to TeamGram notes and automatically link them to your contacts.
  • Share important communication with your team in TeamGram, while you work in Gmail.

How? Open an email in your Gmail inbox and use the TeamGram Add-on to share it as a new note. If the sender and recipients exist in TeamGram, they will be related to the new note. All photos and documents included in the email will be saved as attachments.

After sharing your note, click “Show Note in TeamGram” to open TeamGram.

How to Install TeamGram’s Gmail Add-on

There are two ways to install the add-on:

  1. You can install TeamGram’s Gmail Add-on from the G Suite Marketplace here.
  2. You can also install the add-on directly from your Gmail inbox. On the right sidebar, click [+] ‘Get Add-ons’. Type “TeamGram” in the search bar, then click Install.
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