Scan Business Cards Into Your CRM With TeamGram

Like most, keeping track of business cards you receive from potential or existing customers can become tricky when it comes to following up and recording details.

To help you toss old business cards and bring your business to the cloud, we’ve introduced business card scanning as a new feature for all TeamGram users. It’s a handy feature for those who take part in trade shows and spend time on the road often; scan to import allows you to immediately add your new contacts and leads to TeamGram. Business cards carry no value when lost in your files – by centralizing your contacts, you’ll be able to share with your colleagues, record contact notes for yourself or others to see, and schedule reminders for following up. This way, you can quickly take down notes and add your new leads to your sales cycle.

To start scanning business cards, make sure you download the TeamGram app on either iOS or Android. Tap the Contacts or Leads section on the left sidebar, then tap the camera button at the top. After taking a photo of the business card, match the proper fields to your contact records and confirm that the data is correct before finalizing the import.

Start decluttering your office desk and begin importing your contacts today with our business card scanner!

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